What the Holidays Mean to Me

I am doing a super fun “12 Days of Christmas” event that Catarina’s Reading and Things is putting on!

I canNOT believe Christmas is just two days away! I’m not sure who is more excited, me or my  daughter!

Okay…maybe my husband?

ANY-WHO today’s question is “What does the holiday season mean to you?”

I actually have two answers, and both are near and dear to my heart.

First, I am a Christian, and ultimately Christmas is for celebrating the birth of Christ. Each year my husband and I go through the story of Advent with my daughter…

well, actually this year we have gone through it several times, as she has been wanting to read the whole story over and over every night.

It’s been fun.

Also, just a side-note: Jesus did not, in fact get gold, frankincense, and myrhh.

Oh no.

According to my (at the time) three year old, he got ice cream, milk, and a cool car which she still insists on to this day.

I’m not going to argue.

(Have you tried arguing with a 3-4 year old? Pointless. Utterly pointless)

*ahem* Moving on

So that’s it…that’s my primary answer: Jesus’ birth, and many years later I am still utterly in awe of the whole thing.

The second answer I would give is that this season is all about generosity, which ties in closely with my first anyway.

The older my daughter gets the more I realize how easy it is to forget to give, how hard it can be to give (especially for a child so young), and yet how IMPORTANT it is for our children to learn how to give.

Not just giving presents, but giving of ourselves joyfully.

Putting others ahead of our own wants.

This is a super hard concept for a four year old, and I don’t expect her to fully grasp that right now, but it is important to us, as blessed as we are, to give in whatever ways we can.

But we want her to learn how amazing it is to give rather than always getting.

So, it all  boils down to one word:



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