Blurring the Lines

Occasionally I venture outside of the paranormal world and read something…normal?

That doesn’t feel right, but you know what I mean. No magic, or elves, or paranormal anything.

I find it brain cleansing to take a break.

Blurring the Lines was one of those breaks, and it was one I did NOT regret!

The two main characters are Christian, a post rehabbed rock star going solo and Corinne, who writes amazing songs, and has been totally burned by a an artist in the past.

She allows herself one night with Christian, when they hit it off.

One night (also, there is no graphic sex in this book)…only, it may not turn into just one night because this amazingly handsome singer canNOT get her out of his head and ends up on her doorstep in the middle of nowhere.

Apparently she is his muse.

Only she has heard that line before, and it ended up destroying her.

Well, destroy is a strong word, but it was pretty painful and she is determined to protect herself, and the little boy who lives with her.

Christian is determined to make her a permanent part of his life.

Ahh, love…



beautiful love.

You should totally go get this book, it is PHENOMENOL!

Here’s where you can get it:





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