A Reaper Made


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Reapers, afterlife…death…afterlife…reapers
Truthfully, I avoid books that have to do with this stuff. I tried to watch “Dead Like Me” once, and I just couldn’t get too into it.
However, I have read Liz Long’s books (and reviewed them here) in the past, and have enjoyed her writing, so I thought, “Why not?”
I am SO glad I did!
Grace is snarky and irreverent, and I love it!
She was killed by a drunk driver and given the chance to become a reaper, and since she loved helping people while she was alive, she wanted to help them when they were ready to pass on as well.
So, she is now a “Made”, mentored by Tully, another “Made”
Made, as in they are not one of the original reapers created from fallen angels.
Poor Grace can’t catch a break from Tully, she is just too human. She is snarky and emotional, rather than the neutral Reaper she is supposed to be.
She is hanging out with her friend Tessa, who is a 300 year old witch, and they are talking about how boring life has become…
Well, Tessa is anyway, poor girls been a live for-EVER, warts and all, though she glamours herself up to be the beautiful person on the outside that she is on the inside.
So Tessa is bored, and when people are bored things happen…at least in books they happen.
If you are ever in a movie or book ,DO NOT COMPLAIN, because all hell WILL break loose!
And it does…all I will say now is that the rest of the book involves:
Grace’s living family
A hunky shifter that has a thing for feisty Tessa, and a bad angel gone worse, an Oracle with a Jersey accent, a temporary love interest for Grace, a confused halfling, a giant demon, and…
oh yeah…Grace’s living family.
Dun dun dun…..
Read it and review it!

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