“Life is but a flash…and so many men waste it”


A while ago I reviewed a book called Moonlight, by Ann Hunter. The villain in the book, Sylas Mortas has a sad sad tale that is told in this book,  Fallen.

One of the things I like about Ann Hunter’s books is her ability to bring a world to life. Her use of descriptive imagery is just about perfect.
Many times I’ll read a book and it has WAY too much description and I find myself skipping whole paragraphs, or is has very little description and comes across as bland.
Ann Hunter’s words do not come across that way, I feel like her writing is very balanced in that sense.
So, Sylas is a prince and the main character of this story.
While his family see’s him as foolish, I find him brave.
At the beginning he runs away to escape being controlled, only to be kidnapped and then he CHOSE to stay there and go on an adventure.
Then a ban sidhe (banshee) visits his grandfather, and he takes his grandfather’s place instead.
There is something about these things that make me believe he is not only brave, but loyal as well.
At least to his family anyway.
Laittie..not so much.
Or so it seems…
Another character, Ros, is in this book as well. She is an interesting, and out of the box kind of character.
She is a hen.
like the laying eggs kind of hen.
Apparently she see’s aura’s, and her Farmer has taken her to the castle as a gift.

These two story lines weave in and out to create a complex and intriguing story that reminds me of the classic fairytale books I have read.  This fractured fairytale is based on the story of the Frog Prince, but oh so grown up and much darker than the story I heard as a kid

Then again, the original stories are much darker than I heard as a kid!

Have you ever read the originals?

Not so great.


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