Have you ever read a book that gripped you from the very beginning? Strikers by Ann Christy DOES THAT!

I don’t normally like dystopian books…

Alright, alright, I tell myself I don’t like them, but I find myself reading them more often than not.

What IS true, is that I don’t often find one that I am drawn into and captivated the whole time I read it.

This is not the case with Strikers. In fact, this book reminds me of The Hunger Games in how much it captured my attention.

We are introduced to a trio of friend, Karas (LOVE THAT NAME!), Cooper, and Cassi who are all kind of “lower class”. Coper and Karas both have strikes against them, and Cassi’s only prospect is becoming employed by a Pleasure House.

Enter shocking discovery, and a hunky Javon (HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THIS!?!?!?) and adventure begins!

A Jailbreak, some narrow escapes, a very determined Creedy, and Cassi’s dream pirate.

It’s just so good!

The characters are well developed, Karas is strong and well developed. The romance is just an undertone, not the focus of this story, which I like. And, it’s full of adventure.

That is what makes a book so great. It takes you on an adventure into a whole new world you could never really enter into, and this book does this

I love when books do this!


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