Q & A With Kristen Day!

Hello all my lovely readers! I am excited to introduce you to Kristen Day, who is the author of the Daughters of the Sea series. If you haven’t checked her out, you should!

And on  with the interview!:


So, I JUST recently finished “Forsaken” and I have to tell you, I LOVED it! I just love all things mythology. Have you always been interested in mythology? Who is your favorite god/goddess/person in mythology?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me today! *takes a look around* Your blog is fabulous and cozy and I’m pretty sure that’s a plate of cookies I see hiding in the corner… *steals cookies* I am incredibly excited that you enjoyed Forsaken! Mythology has always been one of my passions – I was the only kid in school that actually LIKED reading the Odyssey and the Iliad. I was also the only kid in school that ate pizza backwards, but I digress. I tend to lean towards the dark side of mythology, which shows in my favorite goddesses which are Nyx (goddess of night), Persephone (goddess of the Underworld), and Selene (moon goddess). I incorporate Persephone and Selene in the Daughters of the Sea series and they are two of my favorite characters. Persephone ‘s an incredibly strong and complex woman, where Selene is just downright evil. But I don’t want to give anything away… *insert evil laugh*

Yep! I make those cookies with a very special ingredient! I love that your make your characters strong, but with heart. Who was your inspiration for Anastasia and Finn? 

Thank you! I believe the two go hand in hand, so I wanted to my characters to harbor a myriad of qualities as well as quirks. Anastasia sort of morphed out of my own experiences and inner voice. As the story progressed, she created herself and her inner dialog is reminiscent of what all girls go through when change and challenges are introduced into their lives. In the story’s purest form, she’s trying to figure out who she is, where she’s going, and who to trust. Thankfully that HottyMcHotterson Finn Morrison makes his entrance and changes her world. He’s based on my idea of the perfect companion. A guy that’s passionate, fiercely protective yet not smothering, strong and still has a sense of humor. His confidence isn’t overly aggressive, but he shows just enough to earn Stasia’s attention.

OH MY GOSH! I use phrases like “HottyMcHotterson” all the time! I love it!  SO, the premise of Forsaken is pretty unique. I mean, I read a lot of books that work in some mythology, but yours definitely takes a different take. Where did your idea for the story originate?

Before I decided to write the series, I’d been searching for a book that I wanted to read. I searched for at least a year but still come up empty. So I it dawned on me one day that I should write it! The books that had the greatest impact on my premise for DotS was House of Night series. To say I was addicted to those books would be a grave understatement. But they were missing an aspect that I yearned for…the ocean. My parents live on an island off of the coast of NC and the ocean has always spoken to me. I created the basis of the story – centered aroundStasia and the rest snowballed from there! It played like a movie in my mind and I could only hope to capture it on paper before it passed me by.

I read that series! Another good, albeit kind of dark series. After reading Forsaken, yours doesn’t seem that dark. Anyway, I read your blog post, “Myrtle Effin’ Beach, Baby”, and it is hysterical! I was wondering if you have any guilty pleasures? Say, a fanny pack hiding in the back of your closet that you visit every once in awhile wishing you could wear it out just once?

How did you know about my fanny pack collection!? Haha 🙂 I wouldn’t call them guilty pleasures so much as RAVING addictions… They call to me at night or when I’m attempting to do something important like color-coding my sharpie collection. Caffeine and sugar.Not necessarily in that order. Mountain Dew is my guilty pleasure of choice, although Starbucks coffee is gaining some steam. My brother owns a coffee shop on Oak Island that has every delectable flavor of the coffee variety an addict could ever hope for. Not surprisingly, my favorite iced coffee there is called the Shipwreck and I dream about it when I’m four hours away, shuffling through the early morning fog that wraps around my brain until noon every day.

  Mmmmmmm, I LOVE a good  cup of coffee. I also love sweet teach, albeit probably not as sweet as I am going to guess you drink it. Just how sweet is your sweet tea? Like instant cavities kind of sweet? Or just enough to take off the bitter edge?

It surpassed the ‘instant cavities kind of sweet’ years ago! I’d say it falls more in the ‘instant root canal kind of sweet’ these days. If by some nightmare-ish circumstance, I’m unable to drink it for a day or two, the iron grip of withdrawal rears its ugly head. My best friend and I actually rank restaurants by the quality of their sweet tea! True story.

Gah…makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. What is your must have when writing?

Mountain dew! It’s my most favorite writing companion and it never fails me. I also need to have the TV on… not that I watch it nor listen to it, but the background noise keeps me focused. I also sit in the same chair at home while writing with the same low light lamp on next to me. I guess you could call that my ‘writing cave’ (minus the bats and creepy crawlers).

I have always been curious about an author’s writing process looks like, what does yours look like?

Um, it kind of resembles Ian Somerholder? Actually that’s not true at all, but… Ian. Somerholder. *wipes up drool* Anywho, my writing process is all about layers. First I throw up on my keyboard (also known as the ‘storytelling’ portion), then I go back and sprinkle the story with blankets of ‘writing’. That’s when I plump up descriptions, add more inner dialogue, and notice any gaps. Last I do a layer of wordsmithing. No one wants to read the word ‘dark’ 75 times in the span of two chapters. One those three layers have been laid down, I send it to the editor! Lastly, I go through it one more time to make sure the flow is up to my standards. I prefer a flow that’s comparable to poetry or music…It has to roll off the tongue (or mind’s tongue?) with ease.

Wow! That sounds like a ton of work! In your bio you say you paint, what medium do you use? What do you usually paint?

I love abstract paintings and usually paint on canvas with normal acrylic paints, but I also love playing around with craft spray paint. Most of the art I have up in my home are my own creations. I also love photography and playing in Photoshop – manipulating the mundane to make it extraordinary is something I can do for hours at a time with a big goofy smile on my face.

Ahhh, I love photography. I don’t do a ton of editing, but I have seen some amazing work done in photoshop! So, I consider myself to be from the South, thought I KNOW Southern Missouri (where I grew up, though now I live in CO) isn’t any where near as Southern as where you are from. Anyway, I am wondering what is your favorite thing about being from the South?

 What a fabulous question! And a very hard one, I might add… I love many, many things about the south – the history, the traditions, the pace of life, the music, the regional pride (most Southerners would assert that the Civil War is not over – it’s simply halftime), but if I had to pinpoint one thing, it would have to be smells and the sounds. The sound of the cicadas and tree frogs that fill the night, the smell of honeysuckle and azaleas that greet you when you walk out the door, and the comforting smell of southern fried foods.
Oh geez…I am now sufficiently homesick. Let’s lighten up a bit, What i your favorite meme?

Oh I LOVE memes! It’s hard to pick just one, so here are a couple of my favorites… If you want to see more, I happen to be a Pinterest hoarder with a board dedicated to them!



Anyone that has been around me in the morning knows that this is TRUE!!!~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~How do you like your eggs in the morning - Funny Picture

HAHA! Those are great, and you also have some HILARIOUS one’s on your board I hadn’t seen before! Thank you for taking the time do a Q&A! Any last words before we go?

Due to the changes of rights to my work, the Daughters of the Sea books will not be all available until Sept 22nd (Forsaken), Oct 7th (Awaken), Oct 21 (Chosen). But that will give readers time to catch up on the series before the 5th book in the series Eventide is released on November 4th! There will be 6 books total in the series with the final installment releasing Jan 2015. Thank you so much for having me!! I had a great time! May the tide bring you calm seas and sandy toes!!

Ohhhh I cannot WAIT!!!! Thanks again!!! *waves bye*




Kristen Day
Author of the Daughters of the Sea Series:
Book #1: Forsaken – http://www.smarturl.it/forsaken
Book #2: Awaken – http://www.smarturl.it/awaken2
Book #3: Chosen – http://www.smarturl.it/chosen3
Book #4: Hearken – coming July 22nd!!

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