Gifted, Burned, & A Giveaway!!!!


Gifted A Donovan Circus Novel cover image

GOODNIGHT! It’s been awhile since I have read a book where I didn’t guess the plot almost immediately.!

Seriously, with books and movies 99% of the time I know where it is going within the first 10 minutes, or first chapter. Gifted had me on my toes the whole time! Even at the end of it I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!
Gifted is a book about Lucy, who is a powerful Firestarter. Her parents are dead, and she decides to run off to the circus.
Or rather, run BACK to the circus.
Enter a family of gifted, with Lucy’s family friend Sheffield as the patriarch.
This circus is unlike any “normal” circus, as a majority of the people working there are other gifted people, such as Delia, the Greek Runner, or Gabriel…the, well, you’ll have to read it to find out more about this intriguing, and incredibly arrogant guy.
Lucy isn’t the only Firestarter, but she’s certainly the most powerful, and also a rare female Firestarter. She is an interesting character.
She has a tight hold on her emotions, which makes her great at controlling her power. Unfortunately this power is tested throughout this book, because the crap has hit the fan, and her world and everything she knows is going down the drain.
Then, to top it all off she has two guys vying for her attention. The sweet Keegan, and fellow Firestarter, who is so gentle and kind. Then there is Gabrial, who is kind of an ass, in Lucy’s opinion.

This book is nonstop in it’s twists, turns, and action. I highly recommend it!



Geez Louise, Lucy and the gang just can’t catch a break! Poor girl is having some major nightmares right of the bat, still dealing with killing Felix, and now she’s been accosted and threatened by a giant bear. Not just her, the whole Donovan family.

So off the entourage go to a new circus to try and make allies, only to be HORRIBLY betrayed by snarky girl.

Will she ever live in peace?

I am seriously exhausted for her.

Like, I want to hide under the covers in a bed, in a bomb shelter (that’s fully stocked with everything I need), for awhile.

Then Keegan, beautiful soul that he is….well, the boys got a bit of a temper, like any Firestarter, but he is just so sweet to Lucy. He is so patient, and doesn’t push her to make a decision.

Then we have Gabriel…dude is INTENSE! And he’s in love. Poor guy refuses to feel ANYTHING for so long, and fallsd in love with the one girl who is too afraid of emotions and hurting anyone to make a decision.

Until she does.

Who gets hurt?

I’m not sure anyone will be surprised, but I have a feeling things will change in the future at some point.

I like these books. I like the family camaraderie that has developed between the gang. I like that they work together, ad support each other. I like that, yes Lucy is the heroine, and the strongest most powerful of the bunch, but she still needs the others.

There is no hierarchy.

Some might dislike her melodramatic stuff. She kind of wallows in her misery a bit, but I feel like she has the right to. Girl has been through a crap ton of stuff, and she has yet to have some peace where she can just process what the hell she’s feeling, going through, etc.

Just a note: There is a ton of cussing in this book, and the first book is hard to read at first. Or at least I thought so until I realized why Delia’s words were so proper.

Uh, DUH Kat! English isn’t her first language, and when I finally got that through my thick skull, I was able to get in the right frame of mind to read it smoothly. However, you can tell the author’s writing style really grew and she became more comfortable with her writing through the first book, and the second book reflects that well.

I highly recommend this book ,and go check out my Facebook page for a giveaway of the first book!!!!

Also, check out the author at:

or her Facebook:


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