Arlene and Laura

What happens when you take a girl whose life was turned upside down when she was 2,  is still reeling from the effect of her twin sister being kidnapped 14 years ago, and is put her in a boarding school where she comes face to face with said sister, who has no clue who she is?

Talk about an intriguing premise! I was hooked from the book description, and couldn’t wait to dig in to this story!

The Fallout from Finding Emily and Playing Laura  by Ryleigh Berkenpas are the first two books in this series and the second one is FREE!!!!

Go get it, quick!

But you’ll want to buy the first one so you know what’s going on 🙂 AND when you read them, make sure you REVIEW THEM on Goodreads and Amazon!

In this first book, we see the story from Arlene’s perspective. Arlene is a bit of a rebel, which makes sense to me. When you constantly live with the shadow of a long lost identical twin sister, who was kidnapped fourteen years ago, it will have an effect on you!

Her poor family has been through the ringer.

Every time someone who looks like Arlene (Or Leelee to her family), comes in contact with her mother their lives get put through hell as her mother is still obsessively searching for her daughter Emily. Unfortunately, when those girls turn out NOT to be Emily, Arlene’s mother goes into a depression for awhile.

Seriously, there is some major pain in this family, so you’d think it would be a relief for Emily to get away and go to boarding school.

Only, once she gets there people keep calling her Laura. WHO IS LAURA!?!?

Of course they do not believe Arlene when she denies she is Laura  which creates it’s own kind of drama all through the book.

And…of course, Arlene is freaking out because she does NOT want to go through this again!

Then she meets Laura, and not only does Laura look like her, but she is IDENTICAL to her, and Arlene knows…

Oh yes.

She knows.

But how should she handle it?

Telling will cause some major upheaval, not telling would be easiest. The drama that follows is interesting, and I thought understandable. This book is not about trying to FIND Emily, it is about the FALLOUT from finding her.

I saw a reviewer that had a problem with the way this was written, because they felt the plot was too obvious two paragraphs in (or whatever), but this book is about the journey, about understanding herself and the situation and trying to navigate it. I loved it!

Playing Laura (Kelsey O'Brien #2)


This brings us to the second book, which I LITERALLY JUST finished. Laura is not the most likeable character, she’s a mean girl but when you have family rules that force you to keep people at a distance and not stand out, her personality makes sense.

I cannot imagine being forced to hide yourself or have to be uprooted with a new identity.

What a crappy choice.

This book is all about self-discovery for Laura. She has literally gone from the top of the social ladder, to not even on it.

Oh yes, everyone knows who she is, but she is being bullied like crazy.

Not to mention there’s a crazy, and violent douche of an ex-boyfriend.

She is dealing with some very hard things in this book.

BUT she also discovers what family is, and what that means.

She discovers she doesn’t have to be a mean girl.

She discovers truth.

She discovers her sister.

I seriously cannot wait for the next one. I don’t know when it’ll be out, but I canNOT wait!

SO, go on! Go get them and DON’T forget to review them! I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, reviews are vital to an indie author’s success! And let me know what you thought about them!


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