Choose Us



So this book….THIS BOOK!!!!!! So far you have only seen paranormal type book reviews on here, and that is most of what I read.


Caylie Marcoe is a Rebel Writer, and  Choose Us is her debut novel, and she knocked it out of the park!

Take two best friends (Riley and Travis), add in some BMX, a reality show, and you have an amazing read!

It is just the sweetest love story. Sometimes I get tired of love triangles, and magic, and shapeshifting, and all those complex things and crave something I can relax and enjoy. Caylie delivers this and more in this book.

Travis and Riley have been best friends for years, and she has never put up with his crap. As his personal assistant she has seen him go through countless women during his career as a BMX rider, and has now been roped into being one of the contestants on a Bachelor type reality show. Riley’s job will be to get an inside look at these girls and give Travis advice on who to keep, and who to get rid of. Should be easy right? They are only friends? HA! Well, if you thought that you’d be dead wrong!

Like he’s REALLY going to listen to his best friend when she tells him Miss Giggle Boobs (HA!) is a superficial girl who is SO not right for him!

Of COURSE he’s going to keep her around as long as possible

*shakes head*

Travis this is NOT how you get the girl!

Travis is in love with Riley, and I suspect has known for awhile, poor Riley is just so clueless.

So she agrees to this crazy scheme and finds herself in a house full of girls she has nothing in common with…

and one she absolutely loathes (Miss Giggle Boobs, anyone?)

Of course when she encouraged Travis to get rid of this girl, he completely ignores the advice…typical.

By the time she realizes she is in love with him, and they both agree to keep their relationship a secret things go way WAY downhill, as you just KNEW they would!

I mean come ON, you can NEVER keep that kind of secret!

It’ll always bite you in the butt, especially this kind of secret. I was literally yelling at them to stop being stupid and just go public, but they just refused to listen


The only problem is that Riley and Travis are the one’s who get hurt, can they survive what happens?

Guess, you’ll just have to read it and find out!

And seriously:



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