The Starbright Series

Another Rachel Higginson series!  A Star and her Counterpart assigned to save Earth from darkness…what’s not to love?

AND Heir of Secrets JUST came out!

Heir of Skies


Poor Stella Day, she thought she had years before she had to be Earth’s protector, unfortunately, the battle comes right to her one lonely, dark Nebraska night as she’s attacked by demons and can do nothing else than light up the night sky like the star she is.

Unfortunately…now they know where she is.

As if that doesn’t already complicate things, her counterpart Seth, and his guardian Jupiter come to her rescue, and she gets a good chewing out for lighting up like she did…

What else was she supposed to do!??!!? Let them kill her? Geez Jupiter!

Stella grew up in the human world, unlike most Stars, because her parents thought it would make her a better guardian if she was invested in the race she was assigned to. Unfortunately, the heart doesn’t care about boundaries and rules, because she kind of has feelings for her best guy friend in the whole world, Tristan, who happens to know her little secret.

Introduce confusing and conflicting feelings.

She knows what she is supposed to do, but well personally, I like Tristan better. I hate when  a guy comes in and demands the girl give him all the attention and drop every other male in her life…like he is the end all be all to her, and I felt like Seth did that.

Anyway, this was a great introduction to Stella, Seth, Jupiter, and all the Stars and fallen angels in the book. It’s full of action, and really who writes about stars like this? I love LOVE the whole idea!

Heir of Darkness


WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH SETH!?!?! WHY would you sell your soul to darkness like that!?!?! Geez,  I know he did it for Stella, to keep her safe, but seriously Seth!

That was an idiot move.

Rachel does such a beautiful job balancing the darkness he now has growing inside him, and bringing out the moments where he is “good”. Like he has two separate personalities, which I guess he does. This was my favorite book between the three, it was so full of action, and angst.  I like how Rachel portrays the angst and emotions without getting too “teenager-ish”.

Yes, I just made that word up.

Anyway, so Stella makes a decision about who her heart truly belongs too, and continues to train, and fight for not only earth, but for Seth and his soul.

Heir of Secrets


Ahhh Stella, what’s it like having the man you love be so freaking evil? Insane? Absolutely bat crap crazy!?!?! Seth is losing it…losing the battle between good and bad, and his encounters with Stella become more and more volatile, until one absolutely heartbreaking moment where I stopped breathing, tears welled up, and sobs broke loose.

Seriously Rachel!



Alright, let’s back up. This book had a TON of info in it! Specifically, who is Jude? How is he fallen, yet still light? Who is he in love with? Who is the traitor on the council? What is the purpose of stealing two young stars? Wow, this war is way WAY bigger than I realized, and this book lays it all out. I know there are two more books after this, but I just cannot imagine what on earth is going to happen in them.

Luckily, Tristan and Stella are close friends again, only without the confusing lovey feelings. And Piper is in the know now!!! YAY!!! I love her, not sure if it is her, her name, or both? Anyway, Rachel filled this book with some much needed answers!

Note: are the covers not GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Caedus Design Co. does them, and they do a FANTASTIC job!


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