The Sweet Series

I LOVE this series by Bailey Ardison! It has it all: a strong heroine, 2 best friends, a hunky boyfriend, elves, action, magic. Oh yes, it has all the makings for an amazing series.


I JUST finished the third book, and realized that the language she uses is the Elven language from Lord of the Rings! I thought it looked familiar!

Just one more reason to go get all three right now!

Sweet Oblivion


Bailey Ardsione Sweet Oblivion Cover Art_small

One of my favorite thing about indie authors is that generally the first book in the series they have out is FREE! And this one is NO exception! IT IS SO GOOD! I’ll wait…just click on the link, and go buy this one if you haven’t read it yet.

Did you buy it yet? No? Just go do it, you have nothing to lose…and SO MUCH TO GAIN!

Alright, now?

Okay, let’s get started then!

Nariella…what to say about this poor girl. First, I must draw attention to the fact she has violet eyes! I ALWAYS wanted purple eyes! So jealous…

Anywho…this book starts out very intense, and I wonder if it might be a trigger for someone who has experienced abuse in the past. The whole book is not about abuse, but the prologue is especially intense, and then there are snippets here and there. Just thought you should know.

My little PSA for this post.


Nariella lives with her foster dad who has been hateful and abusive since his wife died. A tragedy that Nari believes she is responsible for. I seriously cannot imagine the guilt that poor girl carries around with her. Rydan, her best friend keeps her grounded and safe.

This relationship is so awesome. They are best friends. There is no romance, just that strong brotherly and sisterly love that Nari desperately needs in her unstable world. We find out why in the next book!

Cue Mycah…oh Mycah…I am a sucker for a British accent, and the way Bailey describes him, I always picture Hook from Once Upon a Time, only younger:

Mycah is a bad guy who has made it his mission to protect Nariella, and protecting is something she NEEDS! Ray tries to kill her, and she gets kidnapped TWICE!

Geez, this girl is a walking magnet for T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!!!

I think I would hide out in my room and never come out just because that kind of drama seems too exhausting.

Oh! And SURPRISE!!!! Rydan does NOT like Mycah, looks like a love triangle, huh?

Only Rydan has a secret he’s keeping from Nari! He’s met someone! Well…not really met them, but Namine continues to visit him in his dreams, and he just cannot get her out of his mind. She’s trying to tell him something, but no sound comes out. She is someone from his home realm, a realm he knows nothing about. Mycah does though, he knows all about it and he is not only looking for Rydan, but he is looking for the Willow Rydan and Nari have claimed as their own safe place. Next thing we know Rydan has disappeared into the Willow, leaving behind Nari and Mycah…but for how long?

Sweet Escape

Bailey Ardisone Sweet Escape Cover Art_small

I just love Mycah and Nari


However, this was so hard to read. He just LEAVES her back on Earth. She’s already lost her best friend, and then he just leaves her!

What. A. Jerk!

Alright, alright, I know he has a whole kingdom to save and wants to keep her safe, but seriously!

Why are the guys in these books always underestimating the girls? And by “these books” I am referring to a majority of the paranormal/fantasy type books I read.

I mean, I like to be cared for and protected by the one I love, but when it comes to me being able to take care of myself you better believe I can, and it frustrates me that throughout this book Rydan and Mycah underestimate her ability to not only protect herself but them as well.

I love how she proves them wrong!

Her powers are insane! I love how we get to see more and more how powerful she is throughout the book. When she was in captivity, yeah, you read that right…she got caught. Anyway, when she was in captivity it frustrated me so much that she just rolled over and took the abuse and demands instead of calling up her powers.

Then there is the other couple I love so much: Rydan and Namine. I just love that she fell in love with him through their dreamwalks. They couldn’t even talk, and yet they were captivated by each other.

In this book we discover the white wolf in the previous book is Rydan’s Fea, but she is really a white tiger (who can shape shift)!!!!! Oh I am so jealous of him! I want a tiger!

Not practical, and I would never consider owning an animal like that, but oh how awesome would it be to cuddle up to a tiger.

Theoretically of course

Oh, and Mycah’s is a giant dragon which is mad cool.  I suspect I know what Nari’s is..I’m thinking a unicorn. She did “see” one when she  used her powers. Oh and poor Nari, not only does she find out in the previous book that she was never fostered, but found in an alley, her boys have left her, she falls backwards into the other realm, meets her grandfather who demands she never have anything to do with Mycah (WHA!?!?!?!?!!?!), experiences some major powers, deals with Mycah as he is so hostile towards her, is thrown in a dungeon, meets her father and then!


If that’s not enough, she has to leave Mycah AGAIN!!!! BUT WAIT! There’s more! The end, I should have seen the end coming.


Just go read them. They are just so freakin’ good.

Sweet Requiem

Bailey Ardisone Sweet Requiem Cover Art_small

OH MY GOSH Y’ALL!!!!! Mycah even says “As you wish” in this book just like Hook does in some of the Once Upon a Time episodes!!!



*deep breath*

it’s out of my system.

So, WOW! This book starts out INTENSE! Bailey really knows how to write some crazy intense scenes, and she’s not afraid to do things that will piss off readers.

She redeems herself though, farther on in the book, but still! WHOA!

 We get to see the gang back in the mortal realm for awhile, and The Black Eagles (those evil bastards) show up again causing all kinds of hell to break loose.

OH! And guess what!?!?!

I was right!  Nari’s Fea IS a unicorn! And combined they both have some crazy cool powers, as if Nari’s powers weren’t already pretty cool. I mean, she can heal y’all…and call on lightning and stuff. She probably needs to gain some control over said powers though, and we don’t see it too much in this book.


Because she seriously over extends herself doing something HUGE, and I mean so HUGE and awesome, it’s crazy. At least I think so. Nari’s such a good friend ❤

But at what cost?

Rydan and Mycah train with Ender to get strong enough to fight Ohtar, sadly it looks like they are on the losing end of this. I am just waiting for Nari to finally realize her full potential and kick his sorry butt.

She’s also going to have to win over both races, the Night Elves and the Wood Elves, because as a half-breed no one likes her, which does NOT bode well for her and Mycah

Goodnight this girl just cannot catch a break!

So now, I wait for the release of Sweet Redemption, which is killing me because I am DYING to know what happens next!


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