The Soul Trilogy

Y’all!!!!! I just HAVE to tell you about this new author I found!!!!!! This series, The Soul Trilogy, is a MUST read! The author, Aprille Legacy, really knows how to write a page turner!

Let me be honest for a second. I read a ton of initial books in a series that I find for free on Amazon and rarely go further and actually BUY the rest of the series, usually because I do not feel like they are worth buying, and sometimes because I have  a tendency to binge on book buying, and that’s just not good for anyone. However, occasionally I find a series so great, so captivating, that I just HAVE to buy the next one!  Just a note, if you don’t like spoilers don’t read on, just go buy them now!

Soul Fire

Rose Evermore is the heroine here. In her world, a little town called Ar Cena, she is lost. She does well on tests, but doesn’t turn her homework in. She is not sure what she wants to do after school, but she certainly does not want to be in Ar Cena her whole life.

She and her mom have always been on their own, and she has never met her father. She seems to kind of just be drifting in life with no direction to me. I didn’t find anything remarkable about her, but I am sure something will come up.

And it does!

Some strange man is stalking her, saves her life from a kitchen fire, and tells her to listen to what her dreams are telling her.

What are her dreams telling her?

Something too hard to believe…portals to other worlds do not exist, and they certainly do not exist in her favorite river.

Oh…but they do!

This is where it gets good, and I also start questioning someone like Rose. The river is, in fact a portal to another world, where she learns she is magic, has a soul mate she isn’t allowed to fall in love with (WHA!?!?!?!), she is given a new name (Sky),  and (this is what gets me) SHE DOESN’T give hardly a thought to what her mother and people back home might believe about her being gone!??!!?!?

I just don’t get it.

Is she really that selfish?

Is it something else?

What follows in the story implies that she is not selfish, and really if you can overlook that ( I DID!) you are going to brought into one awesome, and exciting world!

Let’s talk about the soul mate thing, real quick. First, soul mates exist, and can be of any gender or race. Second, you canNOT fall in love with them, or there will be serious consequences. Phoenix is her soul mate and just so happens to be a major jerk. He refuses to talk to her, and otherwise completely ignores her unless she is in danger of getting hurt.

Not only that, he is dating Eleanor, Rose’s rival.


Rose dates Dustin, Eleanor’s soul mate…geez.

Does this in some way make this a love quartet!?!!?!? It made for some fun scenes for sure!

Moving on…

Here in this new world Rose excels at the things she puts her hand to: fighting (with her twin swords, but only in secret), magic, and making good friends. She also recognizes some major injustices that she has a problem with. Slavery exists in this world, those who do not have magic become slaves to the magi. Rose is not okay with this, and becomes vocal about it, especially once she realizes her servant does, in fact, have magic! She’s quickly silenced (unbeknownst to her).

Rose/Sky and her new friends go on many adventures with her killing giant mythical beasts,  rescuing her friends little brother, saving a village from drought and famine, falling in love, saving the lives of her friends, finding her father, and ultimately getting exiled.

It really is quite a wild ride, and I couldn’t put the book down…unless I had to, in which case I was a bit grumpy 😀

Soul Blaze

I could NOT wait to read this book! The last book left me desperate for more, and I did not regret paying a WHOLE .99 for this book! Ha…one more reason I love indie books, I can feed my addiction for relatively cheap 🙂

We find Rose back in Ar Cena, her mother is FREAKING out, she’d been gone for almost a year, and was found washed up by the river. She had absolutely no memories of what had happened, and her magic was gone.Choosing to go back to school and make something of herself, Rose finds herself excelling. She’s turning in her homework, and getting great grades.

During a sports day at school we see her magic coming back with an attempted kidnapping to follow. Luckily her father rescued her right in time, unfortunately she almost immediately fell into the hands of Netalia and Iian, who quickly took the magic she just started acquiring, and put her in a cell.

However, they were willing to give it back if she just killed Phoenix, who she was told was a danger to her and everyone else in the realm. Only she couldn’t! She see’s him in the courtyard, hesitates, and by the end of the scene they are kissing. Ahhh, it does my heart good to see them together, albeit briefly.

Eventually, Rose gets her memories back, her friends back, overthrows Iian and Netalia (imprisoning them), finds out she is a reincarnated queen, and finds herself headed to Castor, the capital to claim her throne.

Only she doesn’t know if she wants it, or can even do it, she just wants to be normal!

She does a decent job of just being a normal academy student, but eventually the injustices she sees are just too great for her to ignore any longer. When Phoenix shows up, the game is up and she goes to the governor to claim her thrown. Unfortunately, he isn’t having it and challenges her, which means she has to fight his head of guard Griffin.

Cue an awesome fight scene! Wasn’t sure she was going to make it out alive!

Next we find her and Phoenix being crowned as King and Queen, they get engaged, and heartbreak of heartbreaks we find them repeating history and going to war against each other.


I hate when couples in a book that belong to each other don’t stay together. I have no doubts that in 2015, when the next one comes out, Aprille will find a way to bring peace back, and that their love will be strong, but it does seem pretty impossible.

*if you read these please review them on goodreads, amazon, and/or barnes and noble!


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