Avalon & Jericho

Oh these boys. Avalon, who knew he’d ever find love? It’s about time though. I mean he is king, and he has nothing else to do, right? And then there’s Jericho. Seriously, ya’ll…you know I don’t like him, and I really REALLY wasn’t too interested in this book, but BUT!!!!!!! It was so good! Plus, after the first four books, I was longing for more of the story! What happened to everyone!?!?!? It’s hard to end a series and be left wondering, and Rachel wraps things up so nicely for everyone else..well Avalon, Jericho, and soon to be Sebastien anyway!

The Reluctant King

Is anyone at all surprised that Avalon is not happy being king!?!?!?! I wasn’t. He is more of an action guy, rather than someone who is content sitting around, planning parties and listening to petitions from their subjects. Of course, he never wanted to be king anyway, so that is just another thing to piss him off. Why, oh WHY would his people want ANOTHER monarch!?!?! He just doesn’t get it, but at least he is a FAIR king. So here he is sulking away, when in walks Amelia (yep, you know…little girl from the second book? Sebastian’s little sister?) all grown up and gorgeous. Only…*gasp* she doesn’t give him a second look!


When Kiran and Eden come back from their (very) long honeymoon, Avalon is ready for action and sets out to find out what the mysterious criminal behind the killing of shapeshifters and humans is up to. Off he goes to South America where he finds some real horrors, announces his love to Amelia, and marries her. Crazy how fast these things can happen when people’s lives are in danger.

This book is full of action, and excitement. Just like the other’s, you will not want to put it down!!!!

The Relentless Warrior

I may have mentioned this before, but I really dislike Jericho, but this book was SO GOOD! It really surprised me how much I really loved it. In this book, Jericho struggles with lingering  feelings for Eden and I just want to smack at him, and yell at him. C’mon man! She was NEVER YOURS!!!! SHE IS MARRIED! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PINE OVER HER!!!! Unfair, huh? I know, I know, but I just cannot help it.  I went into this book reluctantly. I read it more out of duty than desire. Seriously. However, I found myself absolutely loving this book. Yes, Jericho annoys me, but I was able to get past it, and get into the story. Jericho, along with the rest of the gang are in the middle of a battle for not only their own kind, but for humankind as well. Somehow, Terletov (that crazy bastard)  is able to inject some magic into humans, few have survived.

One of those former humans is Olivia. Olivia is such a great character. That’s something I just LOVE about Rachel, is that she brings us characters you can admire and look up to! She is feisty and strong, and incredibly pissed off. Unfortunately, Jericho gets the brunt of her anger. Meanwhile, Olivia’s sister is sick as all get out, and they are waiting to see if she will get better and be magical, or die like most of the other humans.

So SO many things happen in this book: Jericho’s parents show up (and yes….my hard heart may have softened a smidge when I realized what horrible parents they were, especially his dad), we meet Terletov’s brother, Olivia’s family, some epic battles, Eden’s temper (which is always fun)…just well written and all over good.


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