I thought it only fair to start my blog on indie books with the author who started it all for me…yep, you guessed her: Rachel Higginson. Seriously y’all, she is so amazing! She’s one of my all time favorites, and that puts her up there with Jane Austen for me (Mr. Darcy, anyone?). I am not a fangirl type person, but when she responds to one of my posts or pm’s in Facebook I squeal like my 3 year old daughter when she gets a new My Little Pony. I have a serious author crush, y’all.

I’ll start at the beginning. Let me just tell you now, I am cheap. Like seriously cheap. That might be because I am a stay-at-home mom, grad student, and wife, and while we do pretty good with one income, I still prefer to spend as little money as possible. With that said, I go on Amazon at least once a day to see what free ebooks there are and if any of them look interesting. This is exactly how I found Reckless Magic (which, incidentally is FREE!!!! GO! GO GET IT NOW!!!!!). Alright, now that you are back, I fell IN LOVE with this series, and I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to read it! Let’s jump in, shall we?

The Star-Crossed Series

This series is pretty long, about 6 books so far and a novella. She also has some POV’s from the boys on her webpage that are TO DIE FOR!

Okay, so Reckless Magic (see link above) introduces us to Eden who is a feisty, strong, and maybe a little ditzy heroine. Ditzy might be unfair, but seriously, HOW do you forget you have magic!?!?!? Oh, and she has a bit of a temper. I love her. She is a great role model for girls to read about. She has a twin (Avalon) and was separated from him not long after they were born. She was raised human, and has a series of unfortunate accidents until she is finally put in a school for the magically gifted. She befriends a shy Lily, catches the eye of the popular Seraphina’s boyfriend Kiran, befriends the mysterious Avalon, and has another series of unfortunate events that finally require her to accept her magical abilities. Upon accepting these abilities, she then goes on an adventure to save Lily from the horrible King Lucan, who is the head of the monarchy for her world. This girl is gutsy, not only does she stand up to the king in front of his subjects during Lily’s trial, but she then dramatically escapes the castle in ways unheard of by her kind.

She’s pretty bad ass.

Hopeless Magic

Boy are you left feeling hopeless by the end of this one! Eden is in love with the Crown Prince (Kiran), her twin brother Avalon and the rest of her family want her to join the rebellion against the King, Lily is in prison, Eden has to go through an Immortal Right of Passage in India where her true power may be exposed, and she’s had repeated attempts on her life, one of which results in a sickness no immortal has ever recovered from. If this isn’t enough she has a dangerous run in with Seraphina and is betrayed in an incredibly heartbreaking way. Rachel really knows how to write a page turner! My emotions were all over the place in this one, but my little optimistic heart still holds on to a shred of hope for Kiran and Eden. Alright! That’s all I am going to say, I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone!

Fearless Magic

 I love this book, because Eden really grows up and comes into her own, and we see her take on her role as leader of The Resistance. I also hate this book, because I just do not like Jericho, and I hate that they are together. I may or may not have yelled at Rachel when they kissed for the first time.  At this point I’m still holding out for Kiran and Eden, they are just too perfect, and Jericho is just too…not right. I have a serious aversion to this guy. However, he helps Eden get through a pretty tough time, so I guess I have to give him that…reluctantly. Sebastien, Kiran’s cousin, plays a big role in this book, we see Eden taking his magic, and taking him hostage. We also find Kiran pretty sick from losing Eden, like on his deathbed sick. Eden goes to him intending to kill him, but do I really think she’d do that? No, of course not. He’s her soul mate! I just know it. That was a pretty intense scene though, and Eden barely escapes. By the end of the book we see Eden giving up her magic to Avalon, as she trades herself for him. Of course this ruins the boys plans for Avalon’s rescue (and they are pretty grumpy about it), but it also gets Eden and Kiran back together (and my little heart was so happy at this point I thought it might explode!)

Endless Magic

The final Eden and Kiran book  is possibly my favorite (did I mention I have read and re-read this series at least five times?)! Alright, let’s be realistic here, they both needed to grow the hell up, and they still have a ton of growing up they do in this book. I have ALWAYS rooted for Kiran and Eden, but they were not ready for each other in the beginning of the series, and while I hated that for them, we get to see a relationship that has matured and changed, for the better, begin to form in this final book. The book starts with Lucan screaming at Eden to get her magic back, and this girl, this OH SO GUTSY girl refuses. Man I love her. Eventually, however, she does meet up with Avalon and gets her magic back, making Lucan happy, and ensuring the safety of those she loves. She (unknowingly) and Kiran begin making Eden’s magic known to the Titans, by having her heal the one’s who are dying of the King’s Curse. She endears herself to everyone she meets, and find new allies throughout this book. She breaks up with Jericho (YAY!!!!!!) and we get to see Kiran and Eden fall in love. I think at the beginning of this series, they were in lust or puppy love with each other. There was no depth, no staying power really…nothing to stand on. Not so in this book. They begin to learn to trust each other, to enjoy each others company…they fall in love. All is right with the world by the end of this book. This takes awhile, Eden still thinks Kiran is the enemy, and poor Kiran’s heart has been so beat up he is a little timid…at first. I love it when he tells her he is going to start trying *sigh*. This book ends in an epic battle, where the good are victorious.

 I have left out SO SO many amazing parts of all of these books. I love spoilers, because I LOVE to read the book regardless of what happens at the end. I always say it’s the journey, and so I have never experienced a “spoiler”. However, many people do not like spoilers so I try not to give much away in my reviews. Also, there are two more books in this series. One is Avalon’s story, and the other is Jericho’s story and I’ll be introducing them in tomorrow’s post, as this has gotten pretty long, so….Star-Crossed series….TO BE CONTINUED!


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