Always on the Prowl

No, I’m not a cougar, I’m a happily married 32 year old grad student with a 3 year old daughter. When I was a kid I used to get grounded from reading…no joke! Books are my escape from the stress of school and life in general. They allow me to get whisked away to another world. Some days I can be part of an alien race, or in the know with an assassin. I can get to know a world full of magic, be it magical people, shapeshifters, the fey, sirens, and anything else you can think of. I can get a glimpse of what the world might one day become if zombies were real, or some other disaster happened that destroyed the world as we know it. I get to know characters I would never be able to know otherwise.

Indie authors invite me in to those worlds and provide better entertainment than any television show (except maybe Once Upon a Time). I am one of the super lucky people that get to be on not one, but TWO street teams for several indie authors Rachel Higginson and  The Rebel Writers. Rachel is absolutely fantastic, as are the writers that make up the Rebel Writer’s group, so you’ll definitely be hearing from them. As a member of these street teams, I have realized just how important reviews of their books, and other indie books are to their success! I download up to 20 books a month, mostly indie and rarely review them…I know, I’m terrible, but I’m working on it!  With that said, I will review a new book every day (hopefully) for the rest of the month before my semester starts in September. After that, it’ll probably be once a month.

With all this said, I am always on the prowl for an amazing new series to read. The genres vary, but I do read a lot of paranormal. So join me as I discover amazing new author’s and their must read books! Also, if you have any suggestions please feel free suggest away!


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